Why Hayhut (35 excellent reasons)

1. MADE IN THE USA BY AMERICANS - in depressed part of the country
2. SAVES HAY - by eliminating wastage due to bad weather and messy horses
3. SAVES MONEY - by reduced expenditure on hay and labor
4. SAVES TIME - usable life of hay bales is extended significantly
5. SAVES LABOR - extended times between feeding.
6. ALL WEATHER PROTECTION - very little rain or snow ingress through windows
7. REDUCED CLEAN UP - horses completely empty it and any outside excess.
8. SIZE - Sized to fit the largest (1600 lbs /6') round bale rolls, 20 square bales or big square
    bales all on pallets or ground protection
9. ZERO MAINTENANCE - No metal to rust, break or get bent
10. DOES NOT RUST - because it is strong polyethylene plastic
11. VERY SAFE FOR HORSES - no sharp metal edges or tubes to rust / bend / break and
      impale horses
12. VERY HORSE FRIENDLY - no bars for horses heads or hooves to get caught in. No sharp
      corners or metal ends.
13. COVERED AND ENCLOSED HAY FEEDER - minimizes rain and snow damage to hay
14. FITS EASILY IN A PICK-UP TRUCK FOR PURCHASE - up to 6 halves can be loaded.
15. EASY TO ASSEMBLE - wide joining flange ribs allow plenty of room for fingers and wrenches
      and supplied hardware.
16. EASY TO MOVE - CAN BE LIFTED OR TOWED - lifting ring supplied and vertical ribs are
      chamfered to act as skids.
17. GREAT STABILITY - wide footprint and big bottom rib stops horses pushing them around
      or over.
18. GREAT WIND RESISTANCE - low center of gravity minimizes wind effects.
19. GROUND ANCHOR POINTS - wide lower rib corner flanges are marked for hole for ground
      anchors for extreme winds.
20. EXTRA HIGH FEEDING WINDOWS - to avoid mane breakage with larger horses.
21. WIDE FEEDING WINDOWS - 14" width for large horses
22. ROLLED WINDOW EDGES - on all eight windows to eliminate mane breakage.
23. CONCEALED LOWER HARDWARE - for safety and nothing to catch on
24. NO TRACTOR REQUIRED - easy one person operation to tip and flip back over
25. RESPECTED BY HORSES - for constant supply of hay - they never chew, push, lift or
      kick. They eat the hay instead.
26. ELIMINATES BALE BICKERING - Alpha mares quickly realise the futility of chasing around
      Hayhuts hay feeders.
27. MOLDED PUSH POINT CROSSBARS - two sets molded to help pushing over.
28. ATTRACTIVE NO FRILLS DESIGN - practical rib designs to minimise dirt collection and
29. HIGH ROOF 84" - extra height for good airflow over biggest bales and for snow/ice shedding
30. DOUBLE PEAK RIB - for excellent snow/ice load strength.
30. TWO ATTRACTIVE COLORS - other colors by special order
32. ONE YEAR WARRANTY - against manufacturing / material defects.
33. KEEPS HORSES CONTENTED - once they realise they have a constant supply of hay they
      are happy to leave and return.
34. REDUCES OWNER ANXIETIES - and allows relief from constant feedings
35. GREAT RETURN ON INVESTMENT - can repay capital cost in six months and produce
      savings for many years.

Hayhuts: Protecting Your Large Bale Investment

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